Electronic Music Theory Course

8 x 90 Minute Session + 4hrs Studio Room Hire Time

From: $7,200.00

Duration: 8 x 90-min lesson session

4 x 60-min project session

Supplied: Project files, samples, presets and plugins
Course Type: 1-to-1 OR 2-to-1 instruction
Requirements: None
Pre-requisites: Intermediate Producer Course or equivalent knowledge.
Deal: Learn with a friend & 2nd person gets 50% off (just select 2-to-1 instruction below)
Scheduling: Semi-flexible, with 1st lesson able to schedule anytime within 3 months of enrolment


What makes one track stand out from the crowd, even if it has minimal layers? One answer, good composition based on complex music theory. Expand your music theory knowledge to make more complex music. Our Electronic Music Theory course deep dives into the sandbox of music composition. This course is for those artists wanting to push past the plateau they might find their productions on.  Want to raise the bar on your music, then take this course!


Module 1: 

In this module, students will begin to explore more complex music theory. We will use examples from Electronic Music and how to apply them in our productions.

  • Chords, Scales, Circle of Fifths Refresher
  • Chord Functions
  • Chord Progressions
  • Secondary Dominance
  • Common Chord Resolutions
  • Modal Interchanges
  • Top Chord Progressions
  • Substitute Dominance


Module 2: Advanced Electronic Music Theory Course

In this module, students will be encouraged to push the boundaries. Create more interesting compositions and apply them to their current productions.

  • Complex Chord Scales and Progressions
  • Diminished Chords
  • Modulations
  • Applications in Electronic Music

Including an additional 4 hours of Studio room hire time to work on your projects between your lessons!



Our facilities includes multiple rooms and areas for lessons, practise, assessments, and project work. Equipment and software available is extensive and upon request can be setup in different configurations prior to lessons & practice or project sessions. DJ, producer, remixer, and kids courses are all conducted in these areas with some crossover between areas depending on the course and what session you are doing.

*The following are the default assigned equipment/software to each area/room.



Our prime DJ room, we always try to maintain a “club ready” setup here. Lighting is also key with LED lighting available to give it that right atmosphere when needed. A favourite with students for film / recording DJ sets in.


Sennheiser HD-25 Headphones 2 x CDJ-3000 Players
KRK Rokit 6 Speakers 1 x DJM-900Nexus2 Mixer
Roland TR8 Rhythm Performer 2 x Technics 1200 Mk3 turntables

*Following can/may be installed upon request or part of a lesson: CDJ-2000nexus, CDJ-2000nexus2, DJM-900nexus.



Our most versatile DJ room, it is here that custom or mobile all-in-one configurations are usually setup. With the extra space available it is also good for 3 or 4 deck mixing, live remixing/performance rigs, and laptop with midi-controller setups. With the full size windows to the trees outside (blockout blinds also installed), it can be a perfect daytime room to breath some fresh air into your sessions.


Sennheiser HD-25 Headphones 1 x XDJ-RX3
KRK Rokit 6 Speakers 1 x Maschine Micro Mk3

*Following can/may be installed upon request or part of a lesson: CDJ-2000nexus, CDJ-2000nexus2, DJM-900nexus, DJM-2000nexus, DDJ-400, DDJ-FLX4, XDJ-RX2, XDJ-RR, Kontrol S4 MK3, Kontrol S2 MK3, Technics 1210 Mk5, PLX-1000.



The more cosy and raw of the two production studio rooms. There is a nice long table with plenty of room to bring out the hardware synths, setup a laptop, and get busy producing using the Ableton Push 3 and midi keyboards. With a few turntables in the room for sampling this is a great space to get the creative ideas flowing or lay down some rhythms and beats.  Also has a nice control room view into Studio 2 – Red Room.


2020 iMac with 1TB HD, 16 GB RAM Ableton Push 3
KRK Rokit 5 Speakers Komplete Kontrol s49 keyboard
NI Audio 6 Interface Mackie One analogue signal router
Ableton Live 11 NI Komplete Ultimate 13
Arturia V Collection Korg minilogue xd Synthesiser

*Following can/may be installed upon request or part of a lesson: Shure SB47 Microphone, Maschine Mk3, Maschine Studio.



Designed for recording and the more complex side of producing. This room’s acoustic treatment and technology setup is next level. A great creative space free of distraction to get the “the business” side of producing done.  Great for 2-to-1 sessions as well as project work considering the extra space. Instruments and vocal recording is mostly handled in this room.


Mac Studio 2022 with 4TB HD, 32 GB RAM 41 inch flatscreen multi input monitor
AIAIAI TMA-2 Studio Wireless Headphones Tannoy 8 Monitor Speakers
UA Apollo Twin Interface Mackie One analogue signal router
Ableton Live 11 Ableton Push 3 (Standalone)
Arturia V Collection NI Komplete Ultimate 13
Komplete Kontrol s49 keyboard Shure SM47 Microphone

*Following can/may be installed upon request or part of a lesson:  Shure SM57/58 Microphones, Maschine Mk3, Maschine Studio.



The largest of all our areas. This creative space is furnished with long wooden high tables that can be configured based on the session requirements. Generally setup in a “U” shape around a long main front table for group sessions. Projector ready with overhead camera angles possible and a secondary display screen installed on stand. Students will eventually have lessons and assessments out in this area, even if not in a group scenario, as this gives you the chance to feel and hear your music in a larger setting. Not un-common for other students in the waiting area to easily catch a glimpse of a session or two before their own.


Epson 4k projector & pull down screen 27 inch flatscreen multi input monitor
3 x KRK Rokit 6 speakers 2 x KRK Rokit 5 speakers
2 x XDJ-RX2 2 x XDJ-RR
4 x DDJ-FLX4 2 x CDJ-2000nexus2 players
1 x DJM900nexus2 mixer Mackie SLV12 analogue mixer
GoPro7 camera 4 x Ableton Push 2

*Following can/may be installed upon request or part of a lesson:  XDJ-RX3, technics 1210 MK3 turntables, PLX-1000 turntables, DJM-2000nexus mixer.



Any of our in-house events utilise this area for main performances. Made famous by our SONIC KITCHEN live streaming performance & talk show, the space’s primary function is for showcasing talent, filming, streaming and content capture. Students that graduate may have the opportunity to perform in this area for both student nights as well as our streaming events.


2 x CDJ3000 players 1 x DJM900nexus2 mixer
2 x Technics 1210 mk5 2 x dbT 503 subs
2 x JMM 10″ speakers 1 x Mackie SR350 speaker
1 x Sony A6600 camera LED fixed and moving lighting

*Generally this area remains the same however space for live remixing/performances can be made. We do have both acoustic and electric drum kits, bass and lead amps, 81 keys synth keyboard, as well as shure 57 microphones with stands. Space on the main table for drum machines, samplers, and synths can also be accommodated.  



I have no musical background or experience. Can I take one of your DJ, Music Production or Remixer courses?
Absolutely! We recommend starting your journey with our Beginner Courses or take your learning a step further with our Core or Complete Packages where we take you from Beginner through to Intermediate and Advanced with the added bonus of an amazing discount on the collective package price.

I have no musical background or experience. Can I take one of your Specialist courses?
We recommend you take a foundation course first, preferably a package with a Beginner Module like Core Package or the Beginner Module itself. You will get more from a Specialist course if you have your foundation skills.

I have no musical background or experience. Can I take one of your Professional courses?
You can but we strongly recommend you take at least a foundation Beginner Module first. You will get more from a Professional course if you have your essential foundation skills mastered. All three foundation modules cover concepts that are beyond just a single genre yet apply to most of them. Taking these modules first will enable you to better understand the music concepts behind a range of different genres and how to bend the rules between them. However if you want to focus on a particular major genre then you can do so and perhaps come back to the foundation concepts when you want to progress your craft to the next level.

I have some musical background or experience. Can my instructor begin from my level of knowledge?
Yes. Our instructors are happy to tailor the curriculum to your level of experience so you don’t have to re-learn things you already know. Even if you purchase a Beginner module or a Core Package, they will adapt the schedule and dive deeper on certain skills and techniques so as to fill in any gaps in your experience. Feel free to have a chat with us beforehand anyways to communicate this to your instructor.

What’s the difference between all the courses and how do I choose?
Our Foundation Courses structure is broken up into 3 modules – Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced – with ‘Intro’ being either the first lesson of Beginner or if you already have experience, it is an exploration for any gaps in your knowledge / skills which can be focused on to improve straight from that introductory lesson. Each module builds on the others and caters to different skill levels and techniques. With focus firstly on essential skills, then on story telling, lastly on improving that story telling with more advance techniques. These modules can all be taken individually, however, we recommend our Course Packages if you’re serious about getting to know the craft and wanting to save money in the long run. Further studies can be taken in more specific areas with our Specialised Courses that help you stand out from the crowd. Alternatively if you want to focus on a particular major genre group of music then our Professional Courses are designed specifically for that.

What days of the week are classes held? How do I schedule my first lesson?
Once you have registered and purchased your course, we will be in touch with you via Whatsapp or Email to schedule your first class.

One-to-one or Two-to-one classes are not rigidly fixed to particular days but we do encourage scheduling a similar time and day per week so you can be consistent with your learning. There is flexibility however, and we can arranged different slots with the student/s and their instructor after each lesson. Classes can be scheduled on a flexible basis or fixed depending on where you are in your course or if you have travel / time off planned. We generally recommend for best results to have either once per week a lesson OR alternating each week a lesson with a practise/project session. This in fact speeds up your training and would get you to your goals sooner!

Group Courses are usually held weekly on a day that the group purchasing wishes to specify as the session day & time. We will contact the purchaser on behalf of the group and work this out in advance, once payment has been made. If you are wishing to do a group class but are purchasing on your own then we will coordinator with other single group class purchasers to organise when the first lesson will be scheduled. From there you will work it out with the instructor and we will keep the day and time slot for the remainder of the group course.

Do I need to bring anything for classes?
Our studios are equipped with state of the art music equipment. Everything you need to get started is provided, however as you progress you will likely need to bring your own laptop. You do not need to buy your own music equipment before your course begins. As you progress in your musical training journey and are a bit more aware of equipment features and benefits (part of the intermediate courses) we will have some recommendations for you that you can purchase from us direct at some of the lowest pricing in Hong Kong! When its time we will be more than happy to go through different options based on your budget and what is essential for you next step in your musical journey.

What is the language of instruction?
Classes are taught in English (unless indicated otherwise). Course material is very hands-on, interactive and easy to learn. Cantonese speaking instructors are available upon request.

How do I pay for a course?
We cover most payment options like credit cards, FPS, bank transfer, Alipay, and cash (see our website footer for more details). First you will need to place your order for a course then choose the option that best suites you. If you like you can also come for a free studio tour first. Enrolment and payment can be handled at our reception, where we have more options available such as Payme & American Express. Payment will need to be processed before taking your first lesson.

Can a friend and I take lessons together?
For sure! We have a special deal for two students to one instructor lessons. You will find the best value and discounts if you and a friend do one of our package deal courses together. Just select the ‘2 to 1’ option when purchasing any course.

If I want to start my course in a month or two, what are the benefits of paying the “First lesson deposit” now?
If you can not pay for and start your course straight away but are keen to enrol and wish to take advantage of a seasonal campaign discount or added value opportunity then the “First lesson deposit” option is available. You need only pay a small deposit which covers your first lesson and 1st prac/studio room session. We then ensure the additional benefits for the course are connected in our booking system to your enrolment. This option allows you up to 3 months to schedule the first lesson and then you need only pay the balance upon completion of the first lesson. This gives you flexibly while you might be away traveling or need to budget for your course over a month or two.

Can I come by the studio to have a look around and ask about courses?
Absolutely. We encourage it as it gives us a chance to talk with you and understand what course would best suite your unique goals and music tastes. Our studio visiting hours are Mon – Fri: 11 am – 7:30 pm. Just whatsapp or email us so we can ensure a lead instructor is available to do the tour and chat with you.

What days and times are you open and close?
Our office hours are Mon – Fri: 11am to 8pm & Sat 12pm – 4:30pm.
However our studio hours for lessons are Mon – Fri: 11am to 10.30pm & Sat & Sun: 12pm – 6pm.

How do I get in contact if I have more questions?
You can email us at info@solpassionmusic.com or you can call/WhatsApp us on +852 9422 0367.
We will generally follow-up with you within 24hours.

If I can’t make a scheduled lesson what do I need to do?

Don’t worry! If you can’t make a scheduled lesson then you only need to contact us at least a day within our office hours before your lesson via email at  OR WhatsApp/Phone Call on +852 9422 0367. If you have the contact details of your instructor, you can also liaise with them direct but we ask that you also let us know so we can free up the room for other students.

If I can’t make a scheduled lesson will my lesson be cancelled & my fees lost?

No. We will simply reschedule your lesson to a date/time that is available for you, the instructor and the room your lesson will be in. However for no shows, or very late notice where the instructor is already on site waiting for you, we will charge you an admin fee of 150 HK$. This will go direct to the instructor for their time and transport costs. You just need to let us know as soon as you can when you need to reschedule. If its an emergency case then just let us know and we will review the circumstances before revoking the admin fee.

I’m in a group course, will my lesson be rescheduled if I can’t make it?

Unfortunately no. As it is unfair to other students whom attended the class we will not reschedule the group course lessons. However we will try to summarise what was taught in the previous lesson that you missed and give you practise time during the next lesson to catch-up as best as possible.

I’m in a group course and the majority of people can’t make the following lesson, can the lesson be rescheduled?

Yes. If the group agrees to it we can reschedule the following lesson.

I’m going away for a time, can I pause my lessons?

Yes. We allow for up to 4 months pause on your lessons without you needing to let us know. However after 4 months your course will be set to expire if you don’t get in contact with us. No contact with us after 6 months will result in the course expired, however you can appeal if the circumstances warrant it. Will we review case by case, but usually if you are passionate about getting back into your music and the circumstances were out of your control then we generally reactive the course. Unfortunately after 12 months no contact from a student, their course will expire. Our curriculum is always expanding as is the technology behind electronic music production and performance. This means courses purchase more than 12 months ago are different to courses 12 months from now. We therefore offer a deal for lost and returning students that includes 2 lessons for free (to trial the new course material) followed by a 25% discount if you want to take another course with us. We hope that this approach really solidifies a returning students drive to finish what they started.

If during my course I need to stop, can I cancel my course and get a refund?

No. Once you start your course there are no refunds on remaining lessons. If the circumstances allow it we can look at possibly pausing your course for an extended period of time beyond our standard 4 months (we have previously paused up to 14 months for one student who returned on a holiday break to finish their course in two weeks). This will be treated on a case by case basis however. Alternatively you can negotiate with another student and transfer your remaining lessons to them. Simply provide us an email with the other student CC’d, confirming that you are transferring your remaining lessons to them.

If I have a complaint or am dissatisfied with my lessons, who can I talk too?

We take complaints and customer satisfaction very, very seriously. Start by contacting info@solpassionmusic.com directly (not your instructor) and explain the nature of the issues. We prefer complaints are handled via email than Whatsapp so that both the student and us can carefully consider the feedback as well as escalate it if needed. We will always look at each case very carefully and work with you to resolve & improve the situation as quickly as possible. We really cherish your trust in our professionalism and passion for what we do, so helping us improve is very welcomed.

Ok, I’m ready to buy one of your courses. What do I do and what happens after I do?

Firstly you will need to choose the Course Type in the options box within the course you have decided on. Depending on the option and deal you choose this will display a price. From here click the “ADD TO BASKET” button. This will take you to the CART page where you can see the course you have selected and its price. If you have a coupon code it is here that you can enter it.

From the CART page, if you don’t have a coupon code then you just hit the “PROCEED TO CHECKOUT” button. This will take you to the CHECKOUT PAGE with different payment method options.  At this point you will need to enter your contact details and create an account with us prior to purchase. This is IMPORTANT as we use your contact details to enter you into our booking system as well as communicate with you on your course scheduling (plus any other relevant details about your course).  If you have been in contact with us prior then please use those contact details so everything matches up in our system.

Once you have entered your contact details you need to choose a payment method and complete your purchase. If you select credit card, a space will display to enter your credit card details. For Alipay you will be directed to Alipay’s site to enter details then be returned back to our site. If you choose Bank Transfer (FPS is also accepted) you have the option to copy the details provided on screen or will be sent an email with them upon clicking on the “PLACE ORDER” button. Once you go through any of these methods and click that “PLACE ORDER” button, you will be receiving an email confirming the purchase and enrolment into our booking system.

NOTE: For Bank Transfers your enrolment order will be placed on hold, pending confirmation of payment. Once you have transferred the correct amount manually, you will need to take a screen capture and send it to either info@solpassionmusic.com or Whatsapp us on +852 9422 0367. Once we received the screen capture image we will confirm receiving with our Accounts Team and then forward process your enrolment.

With enrolment confirmed, our Admin Team will get in contract with you – firstly trying on Whatsapp, but if that was entered incorrect then via email. This will start the process of working out your prefer schedule for the first session of your course (if you haven’t already discussed that with us prior to purchase). We may ask you for more details on your level of music experience or music preferences, so as to assign the right instructor to you. But again, that may have already been covered prior to your purchase, in which case we will just confirm the first lesson time and date.

IF your preferred way to pay is ONLY available in person at our studio (Payme, Amex, American Express, Union Pay, WeChat Pay, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and CASH), you just need to confirm this via Whatsapp with us and we will raise the enrolment order manually in our system then confirm the date you can come to the studio to pay (which can be on the day of your first lesson just prior to it starting)

From there is time to get excited! You are officially enrolled and scheduled to finally starting your musical journey!

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