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Since 2013, Sol Passion Music has been sitting at the forefront of electronic music education, performance and technology in Hong Kong. our team is composed of administrators, marketers, promoters, DJ’s, music producers, trainers, musicians, booking agents, technicians, and event co-ordinators. With a wealth of knowledge and years of professional experience in the music industry.

At our core is our cutting-edge Electronic Music School side by side with our bespoke Booking Agency. We are also a registered dealer for all major DJ, music production, & PA equipment brands as well as a premium partner for Sound & Lighting Event Equipment Hire.

Here at Sol Passion Music, we believe in delivering the highest quality of all-round service and are attentive to the needs of our students, educators, artists, customers, clients and partners. 

Our purpose as a business is to inspire through the exploration, understanding & experience of music. We help to bring together kindred spirits & unlock potential at all levels.

Our passion for what we do, our focus on the journey, our drive for positive change, our inspiration in striving towards goals, and our attitude to always dream big is what we believe makes us stand out as a leader in our industry.

Dream. Focus. Drive. Passion. Inspire. Community.


Sol Passion Music has helped me a lot in my journey with music, especially electronic music, and finding my own sound. What's great about Sol Passion is that they have an amazing environment for learning where I can keep myself updated with the latest DJ/production equipment and trending genres. Moreover, the teachers and staff are excellent at what they do, they will most definitely bring out all your potential.
Akash Limbu
Complete Producer Student
I wanted to DJ as a new hobby and do something creative but it's been a life changing experience learning from the team at Sol Passion. The Group DJ Course I attended was delivered to a very high standard technically whilst keeping it fun and enjoyable and the fact that your new skills are put to the test in a club/bar setting has really grown my self confidence. I had zero experience of playing before I started the course and can now DJ competently. The team have kept up the support and has arranged for me to play at bars and club nights in Hong Kong and the Sol Passion team has delivered way beyond my expectations!
Pathay Singh
Beginner DJ Group Course
My time with Sol Passion Music was really fun. I have no technical ability when it comes to music – I just know what I like to listen to! I had a fantastic tutor. He was extremely knowledgeable, patient and enthusiastic. I find DJ’ing very relaxing and I am happy I had the opportunity to learn some basic skills to entertain myself and my friends. I will definitely come back for a few more lessons very soon.
Sophie Barde
Complete DJ Student
I always dance in front of the DJ station, but standing behind it to be a real DJ is one of the best experiences in my life, it is not as easy as I think, but it is absolutely much more exciting than I expected. My classes at Sol Passion Music was so much fun and I was so impressed by their professionalism and their attitude to music, and my first gig in OZONE turned out to be really cool which I couldn't do it at all without them!
Ashley Cai
Complete DJ Student
I went to Sol Passion Music because I wanted to learn how to produce music, what I was expecting was to learn the basics of production as I went there with close to no prior experience with DAWs or anything. Sol Passion Music helped me learn the basics of production by splitting it into 8 chapters for 8 weeks. The results really helped me have a better basic understanding of music production and is what I consider the foundation of how far I’ve come today. There was a very smooth system and the structure of the curriculum was very understandable. I would recommend this course to people who have never or barely looked into music production but has an interest to do so. It really will show you what the art is about and will let you decide if you want to continue or not. I found the experience great.
Jason Shu
Beginner Producer Group Course
When I first contacted Sol Passion Music, I never thought I would have the opportunity to DJ at some of the best venues in Hong Kong. Just after a few classes, I found myself spinning at Stockton, Drop and Ozone. I was paired with a fantastic instructor, Sol Passion Music is not just a school, but a big and loving family. Even now after I moved to Barcelona, I’m still actively playing at events and bars. Not to exaggerate, but the experience with Sol Passion Music has been life changing!
Amity Wu
Complete DJ Student
My classroom experience at Sol Passion Music was a fantastic one. I was able to immensely improve my DJing within a short span of time and enjoyed every lesson! I had a great teacher who was able to guide me through the basic concepts of DJing: beatmatching, EQing and transitions etc. I would definitely recommend taking lessons at Sol Passion Music for aspiring DJs!
Ed Han
Core DJ Student
Sol Passion Music has good teachers, they are very knowledgeable about electronic music and very patient. DJing is so much fun! In only 8 weeks, I learned how to mix, beat-match and create my first set!
Nera K
Core DJ Student
Sol Passion Music not only taught me basic skills on mixing tracks together, they also gave me tips and technical tricks on DJ software, recommendations on music sites and helped me to develop my own DJ style. During my sessions at Sol Passion, we often mixed different genres together, not only elektro house, but also dubstep, drum and bass and even some 80′s classics. I had a wonderful experience at Sol Passion Music, not only I gained some DJ skills, I also learned tips and tricks to create tension via music in order to get the crowd going and etc. I would really want to go back and continue jamming with them when work allows me to!
Tiffany Chan
Complete DJ Student
Music has always been a passion of mine but EDM is relatively new to regular listening. As someone who has worked in the nightlife industry for the past ten years I was always an admirer of the role a DJ fills in supplying customers with an unforgettable experience. My interest never really moved forward as I constantly found all of the controls used to manipulate the music too difficult to comprehend and to be honest quite daunting. The Sol Passion approach really encouraged me to give it a go and broke the practical and theory down in to small and easy to digest parts. The guys are always very supportive and give great advice and feedback. Highly recommend for the aspiring DJ or even someone who is just looking for a new hobby.
Adam Brewer
Core DJ Student
The DJ course I did with my son rejuvenated my passion for music and strengthened a musical tie between him and me. The course is a great mix of picking up the technical skills as well as understanding the basics of musical theory. My instructors created a cool learning atmosphere in their wonderful studio in Wan Chai. His passion for the music is very contagious. My son is all into checking out new songs now mixing them with my collection of old songs and of course being able to DJ is quite cool! We enjoyed every minute of it and now spend a lot of time at home at our DJ booth. And by the way, it is all true! Thanks to the Sol Passion Music team, will see you again soon.
Arnout van Rijn
DJ Group Course (Father & Son)

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