This interactive electronic music education & performance experience is available for both private & public events. It is fun, hands on, and informative. No previous music experience required and open for all age groups.. Great for birthday/stag/hen parties, team building, festivals, conventions, & roadshows.

The experience for an individual involves an instructor led mini-workshop at a station with up to 2-3 people available to join in. The concept is to get a taste of the modern musical art forms of DJing, Live Performance, and Music Production.

It also provides a great opportunity for branding / photos / social media for event organises, as well as a unique experience for event attendees.

Stations can be made up of beat making, DJ’ing, basic keyboard techniques, scratching, electronic music making, recording and singing! Minimum setup is 2 stations, up to a maximum of 10 stations.

Continuous rotation of stations means a high volume of participants can enjoy the experience over the course of the entire event, with run time of the experience between 2 to 6 hours per event (*or per day for multi day events)

The experience can be hosted at our studio location or setup offsite at any private/public location organised by the client (*that can meet some basic power & logistical requirements).

NOTE: For any ‘Dare To DJ’ experiences hosted at our studio facilities we can offer catering options for guests. Please just specify you are interested when contacting us.

For all enquiries and quoting, please get in touch at events@solpassionmusic.com